Re: Non- and Partial-FRBR Metadata

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 8:34 PM, Antoine Isaac <> wrote:
> I think the complexity of the SPARQL queries would be the same. What makes
> the SPARQL query complex (in terms of graph patterns) is the properties you
> use in the graph patterns (thus, the number of edges)---not whether the
> nodes are blank nodes or "fully fledged" resources.

Yep. The cost of bnodes is that it makes it quite a bit harder to
subsequently super-impose extra information on the graph. After the
RDFCore and OWL clarifications to RDF (eg. that the same real world
thing could have multiple URIs and graph nodes) it became much more
common to casually assign ad-hoc URIs where formerly we'd have had
bnodes. This idiom makes adding extra triples later much easier.
Either way I think those decisions are up to deployers, publishers,
annotators rather than vocab designers... we won't get much
centralised control over when bnodes are used or not used.



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