Jenn Riley: RDF for Librarians

I just noticed that Jenn Riley is giving a presentation entitled RDF
for Librarians tomorrow (Sept 22, 2010) from 12:00 to 1:00 PM EDT.
More information about where to watch the telecast can be found at:

I imagine Jenn is already a know quantity to many of you. She has had
a hand in a lot of library metadata work, most recently a diagram of
the library metadata landscape


September 22, 2010
RDF for Librarians
Jenn Riley
Digital Library Program

The RDF model underlying Semantic Web technologies is frequently
described as the future of structured metadata. Its adoption in
libraries has been slow, however. This is due in no small part to
fundamental differences in the modeling approach that RDF takes,
representing a "bottom up" architecture where a description is
distributed and can be made up of any features deemed necessary,
whereas the record-centric approach taken by libraries tends to be
more "top down" relying on prespecified feature sets that all should
strive to make the best use of. This presentation will delve deeply
into the differences between these two approaches to explore why the
RDF approach has proven difficult for libraries, look at some
RDF-based initiatives that are happening in libraries and how they are
allowing different uses of this metadata than was previously possible,
and pose some questions about how libraries might best make use of RDF

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