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Hi Tod,


sorry for my barely understandable presentation on the phone. I was in
my home town, and the connection switched over from UMTS to GSM during
the telecon, so I couldn't follow on IRC either. It must have been very
difficult to figure out anything from my talk.


I don't know if it's advisible to apply changes to the protocol - anyway
I'll add it here for two contributions which were not understandable at



Joachim: the material is digitized newspaper clippings, with almost

... no metadata, organized in thematic folders

... we enriched person folders with links to German authority file LLD

... allows to pull in german and english dbpedia abstracts and

... for company folders difficult because they don't have authority file

... also added links to Eds Chronicling America

... few American newspaper articles available, hope German newspaper 

... databases also publish LD to link to



Joachim: ORE allows to describe the boundaries of an aggregation

... and distinguish it from links to stuff outside of the aggregation



Sorry again, and have a nice weekend - Joachim



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Hi everyone,

The minutes of our call today are at

A text version follows.

Thanks again for your patience and help in correcting any of my gaps or

Cheers Tod
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                                LLD XG

16 Sep 2010



   See also: [3]IRC log



          Emmanuelle Bermes (emma), Thomas Baker (TomB), Felix Sasaki
          (Felix), Lars G. Svensson (LarsG), Jeff Young (jeff), Antoine
          Isaac (antoine), Gordon Dunsire (GordonD), Tod Matola
          (matolat), Karen Coyle (kcoyle), Marcia Zeng (marcia), Ross
          Singer (rsinger), Alexander Haffner (AlexanderH), Oreste
          Signore (Oreste), Guenther Neher (gneher), Kim Viljanen
          (digikim), Kai Eckert (Kai?), Monica Duke (monica), Ed
          Summers (edsu), Joachim Neubert (jneubert), Jon Phipps
          (jphipps), Michael Panzer (michaelp)

          Ray, Annette, Andras, Bernard, Jodi




     * [4]Topics
         1. [5]Administrative
         2. [6]Face-to-face meetings
         3. [7]Use cases and case studies - update
     * [8]Summary of Action Items

   <emma> Previous minutes:


   <emma> Resgrets+: Andras, Bernard, Jodi

   <emma> Scribe: Tod

   <emma> scribenick: matolat


   RESOLVED:To accept minutes of previous telecon:


Face-to-face meetings

   kcoyle: need a set of goals for F2F

   emma: Not yet, want to discuss Use cases
   ... discuss Topic list at F2F, don't have the goals for F2F

   <Zakim> TomB, you wanted to suggest that, as a goal, we clarify what
   deliverables we want to achieve by end of charter

   kcoyle: Very broad topics, we need to help guide our thoughts to
   make good use of the time

   TomB: chartered 1 year, number of wiki pages, artifacts, but we need
   to understand what we can deliver in our timeframe

   <Zakim> antoine, you wanted to comment on use cases requirements

   TomB: may want to decide what deliverables we can work on and what
   should be next steps

   Antoine: Use case call will be closed,

   <Zakim> antoine, you wanted to comment on organization

   Emma: main goal F2F is to define the deliverables from the use cases

   Antoine: question on mic and speaker, can supply them?

   <kcoyle> for computer?

   <antoine> karen, yes

   <jeff_> i can ask if we have it

   <antoine> +1

Use cases and case studies - update

   emma: use case call sent



   <antoine> typically people send answers quite late :-)

   antoine: number of lists that added and not sure if mail has been

   marcia: has sent to her lists added

   emma: Discussion of two related use cases (Joachim and Ed)



   [$1\47] [13]


   <emma> [14]


   <antonie> what the data like at the project start and how was it

   <edsu> antoine: good question :)

   Joachim: link to German authority file LLD impl
   ... difficult because don't have authority file idenitifers
   ... few American newspaper articles available, hope that other
   German databases to link to

   I don't know if I caught all of that Joachim (please add comments?)

   Joachim: metadata is mostly attached to folders



   Edsu: Use case NDNP
   ... part of 20 year project digitize american newspaper. Start to
   move microfilm to be digitized
   ... 250Gb harddrives, of batches (xml. tiff. OCR files)
   ... LD is webapp that sit on top of data, search OCR and browse
   ... data is being cut off in 1922 copyright issues avoided
   ... each batch gets a name, browse from batch to issues
   ... problem how to get data to researchers
   ... have relational db, that could be dumped, this where LD approach
   ... mint cool URLs, get rdf that describe the data
   ... not hierarchical, graph view makes linking more natural.
   ... link to dbpedia get geo coordinates to map newspaper coverage
   ... links to flikr to allow folks to interact with data more

   <antoine> Ed: really great!

   Edsu: FOAF to describe the agent that produced the data, some
   additional project define vocab
   ... example use of data to explore Chicago news titles relate

   <Zakim> antoine, you wanted to ask about use of ORE in two cases

   Edsu: how to make annotations more readable. would be nice to
   capture them and add to the data set (e.g., from flikr)

   antoine: have that 2 cases data been compared?

   Edsu: look some at ORE data, but the vocab is small
   ... could be too generic

   Joachim: want to apply to search results that are not covered by
   other vocab.

   <edsu> here's an example of some rdf for a page w/ some oai-ore


   Joachim: would allow to describe the boundaries of aggregation
   ... describe the links of aggregation

   Edsu: nice about ORE, allows people to extract not just the
   metadata, but the things being described

   <edsu> jneubert: you first :-)

   Antoin: did you feel to need to choose the original data that you

   Antoin: will take question offline

   ACTION: Everyone to elaborate on topics in the wiki [recorded in
   tes.html#action08] [CONTINUES]


   <edsu> cheers :-)

   <digikim> thanks!

   <emma> [adjourned]

   <antoine> ACTION: Potential attendees in Pittsburgh to use wiki page
   to indicate whether they are attending or not at
   [18] recorded in
   [19]] [DONE]


Summary of Action Items

   [PENDING] ACTION: Everyone to elaborate on topics in the wiki
   [recorded in


   [DONE] ACTION: Potential attendees in Pittsburgh to use wiki page to
   indicate whether they are attending or not at
   [21] recorded in


   [End of minutes]

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