Re: terminology page on wiki

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 11:19 PM, Karen Coyle <> wrote:
> I have placed the library terminology page on the public wiki:
> It is linked from the front page of the wiki, and I set it up so that other
> terminologies could be added as well (e.g. linked data terminology).
> I'm leaving it informal for now.
> You must have a W3C login to edit this, but anyone can request a login that
> allows them to edit public pages:
> If you are puzzled by a term that you find in library discussions, feel free
> to add it here, and someone will probably come along and define it for you.
> If you want to edit what I've done, go for it! This is a wiki, right?


This is great! How would you feel about folk adding links to Wikipedia
for more details? I can't vouch for the technical quality of these
articles, but they often have useful high level info and related links
at least.

So my question is whether to link these directly from the terms in
your list, eg. >FRBR<, or to mark the hyperlink explicitly as being a
wikipedia link, which would make it easier to add a local page about
FRBR here at W3C, which might have pointers to public-lld discussions
and other stuff that wouldn't fit in Wikipedia's page.

I found these by googling terms from your list...

Am happy to add them, but not sure which linking style would be most



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