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> Minutes for today’s call are here:
> We are going back to bi-weekly calls, with the next call on May 17th.
> A recurring topic will be triage of JSON-LD WG issues specifically listed
> on the group management page [1] under the “Discuss-Call” column. Items
> must have owners to lead the discussion for each issue, and members should
> be prepared to discuss for disposition.
> * Issues that should be considered Raised Errata (Editorial or otherwise
> Substantive)
> * Issues that are Raised Errata can be changed to “Erratum” with a summary
> describing the necessary change.
> * Changes should lead to PRs subject to WG decisions on if/how/when to
> merge. There are preocess considerations for how to do this.
> The JSON-LD WG should then discuss (either through email, issue discussion
> or their own calls) how to move forward with updating the recommendations.

Thanks for sharing this

What's the current thoughts on json-ld-star

My feeling is that most in the group were in favour.  Though most
implementors outside the group might not know what it is.  Perhaps its a
logical consequence of tracking RDF's evolution.

I feel a bit cautious in that im unsure the average web developer (TM)
really knows json-ld 1.1 so far, or utilizes it full, e.g. things like
relative links.

I dont really have a strong view, I wonder if it's heading towards json-ld
1.2, or 2.0 or json-ld-star its own thing.  I am guessing that consensus
would be json ld star would need to go to 2.x ... but maybe not!

> Gregg Kellogg
> [1]

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