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> On March 31, 2018 2:59:15 AM EDT, Ivan Herman <> wrote:
>> Sandro, I do not have a problem with the quad/named-graph approach at
>> all, and JSON-LD is o.k. with it. But the original request was on
>> setting attributes to edges, which is a different ballgame…
> Forgive my ignorance, but what's the difference between stating an attribute of an edge and a stating a property+value of a single-triple graph?   Aren't attributes and properties the same thing?  Aren't edges the same as graph arcs, which can be written down as spo triples?
> I can imagine one formal difference which might arise in the case of duplicate or mutable edges, but actually the RDF named graph model handles that in the edge-attribute style (not the mathematical graph style), so again I'm not seeing a difference except that RDF puts the attribute on a set of edges instead of a single edge.  If you choose to only use singletons, I think it's the same.
> What am I missing?

fernandez, hogan, &co go through the reasons to do this, the various approaches and some notion of the space requirements for wikidata used cases here:

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