Re: canonical representation

Thanks for pointing to the "4. A Canonical form of N-Triples" section of
the N-Triples spec. I think it's new in the 1.1. version.

I would propose to use that form in the JS RDF Representation spec.

Am 12.01.2016 um 03:53 schrieb Gregg Kellogg:
> Note that the spec defines a “normalized dataset”, which is a
> restriction on an RDF dataset where all blank nodes are labeled with
> stable identifiers. There should also be a canonical serialization
> format defined, which will/should be canonical N-Quads. (Note, that
> N-Quads doesn’t define this, but N-Triples defines “Canonical
> N-Triples” [1], which we can use for an internal definition).
> [1]

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