a medical knowledge service with JSON-LD at its core

if you're in health-care or even if you just want an example of JSON-LD in
use, this may be relevant:
https://github.com/caregraf/simpleknowledgeservice is a git which hosts
current versions of medical knowledge schemes (drug definitions ...)
reframed in a particular model in JSON-LD. And thanks to JSON-LD, the
datasets can be loaded and manipulated in either MongoDB or an RDF triple
store (Fuseki/Jena). Both have their place though as the examples show,
SPARQL features like PATH traversal make the triple store shine with
normalized data - we still have some "reframing on insert" (@reverse,
labeling) to do to have MongoDB work as well.

Anyhow, one more offering for the JSON-LD product pile ...

Received on Thursday, 23 July 2015 01:32:59 UTC