Querying JSON-LD on client side


is there a javascript-lib that allows to query JSON-LD graphs on client
I scanned this mailing list in this respect, but the only related posts I
could find were about querying graphs on sever side using server side
technology an returning it as JSON-LD. Yet, I want to query a JSON-LD graph
on client-side.

The reason I'd like to have this client-side query facility is this design
approach: a client can only request through a REST API JSON-LD data. The
server is responsible to provide information just about how content is
linked to each other (= the graph) and it should be free to choose any
graph layout (or frame) - i.e. the server's choice of layout is arbitrary
and without particular intention. It is up to client prune the graph and to
restructure its layout for its need of content presentation.
For that a client-side javascript lib to query the JSON-LD graph would be

Is there something around?


Received on Thursday, 16 July 2015 11:24:37 UTC