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Re: Trailing content in JSON-LD

From: james anderson <james@dydra.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 11:01:44 +0000
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> On 2015-08-23, at 12:33, Timothy W. Cook <tim@mlhim.org> wrote:
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> Whether it should be a parser error I am not sure.  I would say that parsers should ignore anything in a file or a stream that comes after the document.  It is irrelevant to the document.  Maybe it is something sent for other processing?  Maybe the JSON is embedded in another file? 

even if not a “parser error”, it may also be the case, that the subsequent content appears so only because there is a syntax error in the content which precedes the last ‘}’  - or perhaps even the ‘}’ is one of an inadvertent ‘}}’.

for protocols over http, which offers little in the way of standard reporting channels, the safest response in that case would be some form of ‘400’ response error.

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