RE: Can you provide some context?

Thanks for the explanations, Markus.

>The problem is that you have a data model that you only implicitly expose in your JSON representations. The properties you use are context sensitive (in the traditional sense; not talking about JSON-LD contexts here).

If I use unique property names, rather than the value prefixes in your example, would that also lead to a viable context solution?

I've implemented an experimental content negotiation solution that provides JSON as the below.  Could you suggest an appropriate context?  Also have posted this as an open problem here if you'd prefer that venue.



 "branches":[ { "branch_id":"201", "branch_name":"sub1_branch" }, { "branch_id":"202", "branch_name":"sub2_branch" } ],
 "leaves":[ { "leaf_id":"500", "leaf_name":"leaf1" }, { "leaf_id":"501", "leaf_name":"leaf3" }, { "leaf_id":"502", "leaf_name":"leaf4" } ],



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