Use of full URI for rdf:type instead of @type

Hi There,
I have a question about use of rdf:type in JSON-LD.
Take for example a simple SKOS tree loaded [1] to the playground:
All looks good.
Now I want to apply a JSON-LD frame [2] to this:

In the result there is no content in the "@graph".

It seems that this is due to the use of "@type" in the JSON-LD frame, whereas
the JSON-LD input uses "".

Note that the input document is being generated from a SPARQL query, so I'm not
in control of how it is formed, it's just a simple serialization of the triples.

So a triple in question looks like:

  "@id": "",
  "": {
    "@id": ""

I would have thought the processor would somehow know that "@type" and
"" are equivalent, but it seems

If I modify the frame to use the full URI [3], it works as expected:

So my questions:
- is this specified on way or another in the standard
- is this a problem in the processing in the playground, or
- should the relevant triples be formulated as follows in the JSON-LD input:

  "@id": "",
  "@type": ""

Hope that is clear...



Received on Friday, 9 May 2014 14:28:18 UTC