Re: where to put json-ld context for LDP

Hi Gregg

> On July 29, 2014 at 2:08 AM Gregg Kellogg <> wrote:
>  We could consider a boilerplate context, which would gather such common
> definitions together, then you could do something like the following:
>  {
>    "@context": [
>      "",
>      {
>        "@vocab": "",
>        "ldp":  "",
>        ...
>      }
>    }
>  }
>  And put all of the RDFS-related definitions in a single location.

I understood duplicate context terms are overridden using a
most-recently-defined-wins mechanism.

So if I was using the above LDP example as an external context and the
referenced RDFS context was defined in a similar way.

Imagine there were some terms with 'the same' name, say rdfs:comment and
ldp:comment. If I used the term "comment" in my JSON-LD document, I assume this
would be expanded to "" as this is the most
recently defined.

Also if I wanted to use any RDFS term in my document, then i would HAVE to
prefix them with rdfs: otherwise they would be expanded again the @vocab from
LDP context.

Do I understand that correctly?

Reminds me of XML namespaces...



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