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> Markus Lanthaler:
>> Have a look at Apparently someone already started working on it :-)
> That is the kind of information I was looking for ;-)
> Cheers,
> Andreas

You are looking for SPARQL query results serialization in JSON-LD? If 
so, I assume this is for CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE queries? If so, then I 
think you need to be aware that DBpedia (major Linked Open Data hub) and 
Virtuoso (the RDF supporting DBMS behind DBpedia) have long supported 
JSON-LD results formats [1] for the aforementioned Query Types.

When dealing with SELECTs, the results format is a tabular 
representation, and in this case you have XML or JSON representations 
[2]. What isn't offered is a JSON-LD based self-describing SPARQL result 
which is a consequence of this not really being part of the SPARQL spec. 
That said, we implemented Turtle, RDF/XML, and N-Triples support 
ourselves, and will simply add JSON-LD support for completion, in due 


-- example of a DESCRIBE query against the DBpedia SPARQL endpoint that 
returns a JSON_LD based description of an entity denoted by an HTTP URI

-- JSON based tabular result for a SELECT query .



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