Context Questions

Dear all,

Apologies if I'm missing something in the spec but ...

1.  Can a context document contain a list of further context documents?
For example, to inherit a context from an external specification into a
content document, one could define a context document ( with the representation:

  "@context" : [
      "local" : "",
      "property" : {"@id" : "local:property"}

I don't see anything that this violates?  So we can chain contexts all the
way down? Processors will correctly barf on circular references, where
context A includes context B, which includes context A?

2.  If a document contains an @context definition AND the response has a
context link header, which takes precedence?  In other words, is the link
header "seen" before the document's context, or vice versa?  Or is @context
in the document ignored when the response is application/json ... and if
so, is this a consistent rule?  Thus, any document that looks like JSON-LD
but has the regular JSON media type MUST NOT be processed as JSON-LD?  If
so, that's kinda harsh, especially in this early period where
application/ld+json isn't widely known.  (eg section 6.8)

And merging the two questions, if the local context referred to in a link
header references other context documents, then we should expect those
definitions to be processed?

Many thanks,


Received on Monday, 3 February 2014 20:36:32 UTC