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I've just rediscovered JSON-LD yesterday (after about 2 years) and I've been very impressed with its progress.

Playing with my existing JSON, I found the following compact pattern that I have not been able to describe using the current specs.
  "Type1": {
    // A map of Type1 object IDs
    "id1": {
         // Properties of id1
         "name": "some value",
       "id1": {
        // Properties of id2
  "Type2": {
    // another map of IDs here

For example:
  "ConferencePaper": {
    "Huynh2013": {
         "title": "some value",
    "Huynh2012": {
  "JournalPaper": {
Essentially, there are two things that I want to describe using the pattern:

1.       "Huynh2013" and "Huynh2012" are identifiers of some objects, and

2.       they are of type ConferencePaper (i.e. rdf:type ConferencePaper).

Is it possible to describe the above pattern with the current spec?

I found the Data Indexing feature ( can help a bit with (1), but if I have to write "Huynh2013": { "@id": "Huynh2013", ... }, it is unnecessarily repetitive, I think.
I also found this email , which is related to (2), but the @reverse solution does not work in this case.

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