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RE: JSON to JSON-LD Creator App

From: Markus Lanthaler <markus.lanthaler@gmx.net>
Date: Sat, 4 May 2013 11:25:45 +0200
To: <public-linked-json@w3.org>
Message-ID: <00c601ce48a9$5c8b77c0$15a26740$@lanthaler@gmx.net>
Hi Vikash,

I mentioned that already on IRC during the telecon last week but perhaps you haven’t seen it. Antonio Garrote created something called JSON-LD macros:


It allows the transformation of JSON to JSON-LD in a declarative way. There exists also demo using GitHub’s API (it's a bit buggy):


That should do almost everything you need to do. The only thing that's missing is a UI to assist a user when creating the transformation rules.

If you are talking about the schema.org tool, that's slightly different because you don't have a JSON document to start with. Instead, just as Dave proposed, you could simply create render a form and use the data the user enters to generate a JSON-LD document. It would be nice if you could describe the forms using JSON-LD as well instead of hard-coding them into HTML.

> Adding to thing, Dave suggested to go with AngularJS over
> Backbone and use an MVC :) [and I have started digging this]

For the final product that's certainly a good choice. To begin with, however, I would recommend to just create a simple HTML page and add some JavaScript. You can refactor it and leverage frameworks later on. Just create a simple prototype first so that we have something concrete to improve.

> I would really love if the community could provide me with some more
> inputs over this so I could start the implementation of this phase :-)

Hope this helps.


P.S.: Just a small request.. On mailing lists, like this one here, people usually prefer text-only mails because it makes, e.g., replying much easier. So, in future, could you please ensure to send text-only instead of HTML formatted mails.

Markus Lanthaler
Received on Saturday, 4 May 2013 09:26:20 UTC

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