Intent to close ISSUE-232

As resolved, I've replaced [1] the optimize flag in JsonLdOptions with a
processingMode option. The option is defined as follows

    processingMode of type DOMString, defaulting to "json-ld-1.0"
    If set to json-ld-1.0, the JSON-LD Processor MUST produce exactly the
    same results as the algorithms defined in this specification. If set
    to another value, the JSON-LD Processor is allowed to extend or modify
    the algorithms defined in this specification to enable application-
    specific optimizations. The definition of such optimizations is beyond
    the scope of this specification and thus not defined. Consequently,
    different implementations MAY implement different optimizations.
    Developers MUST NOT define modes beginning with json-ld as they are
    reserved for future versions of this specification.
Unless I hear objections, I will close ISSUE-232 [2] in 24 hours.


Markus Lanthaler

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:25:26 UTC