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Looking for comments on the JSON-LD in HTML section. Please chime in if you have an opinion on the behavior of multiple script tags containing JSON-LD, or possibly JSON-LD and Turtle, possibly included in an RDFa document.

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> I did ask this already in c728c6b but would like to record it also here as commit discussions are somewhat difficult to find and I don't wanna forget this.
> The section currently says:
> If a processor extracts the JSON-LD content into RDF, it should expand the JSON-LD fragment into an RDF dataset using the algorithm defined in JSON-LD-API Convert to RDF Algorithm [JSON-LD-API]. If the HTML file contains multiple JSON-LD script tags, or other RDF statements are extracted, the result is the RDF merge of the datasets.
> Other processors implementing this mechanism may choose to return the expanded JSON-LD output.
> Markus: Can we drop this part? I think it doesn't add much value but sounds overly complicated for people just wanting to use it as JSON-LD.
> Gregg: It's important to give guidance when there are multiple script tags, so that the result is clear. We could say that the result is the merge of all such documents.
> When extracting RDF, JSON-LD could be combined with other formats (microdata, RDFa, Turtle in HTML). In this case, it's also necessary to say what the expected result it. Without this statement, it won't be clear what to do.
> Markus: I understand where you are coming from, but that’s an orthogonal aspect that is application dependent. In our spec we should define how JSON-LD can be embedded in HTML. How such data is used is beyond the scope of this spec. I would strongly prefer to remove this part.
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