Comments on RDF graph canonicalization draft


I am delighted to see that people are working on this!  This will help 
fill a huge gap that we currently have.  A few small suggestions:

1. You really should reference Jeremy Carroll's original work on RDF 

2. I do not find the word "canonical" or "canonicalization" anywhere in 
the document, although it is clearly implied by the bnode prefix "c14n". 
  It is a stylistic choice whether to call the process "normalization" 
or "canonicalization".  In my observation, over the years 
"canonicalization" has been used more specifically for this process (as 
Jeremy Carroll's 2003 paper did), and hence would be the better choice 
of primary term.  But regardless of the choice, I think it is important 
to include both terms up front, to enable searchers to find it more easily.

3. The document contains an editorial note saying that the algorithm is 
obsolete.  Could you please point to the newer one?  Even if it is not 
yet finalized, it would be nice to be able to see what it is, whether it 
is just an email message, a snippet of code or whatever.  If you could 
point to pieces of working code -- even if they are not finished -- that 
would be great too.


Received on Friday, 8 March 2013 14:59:51 UTC