Defining property labels in external context document


this week I started to get familiar with JSON-LD, especially with the concept of context document. As I encountered some problems I just subscribed to this list.

First, some background for my request:

I am working in a LOD team of the hbz, a German library service center. For some months I had been working in a German-speaking working Group (DINI-KIM-AG-Titeldaten) on developing recommendations on representing library catalog data on text resources in RDF. The first version of the recommendations will soon be published, see [1] (in German) for the current status. In principle, these recommendations are kind of an application profile defining properties (and sometimes also values) to be used for representing library catalogue data on textual resources. 

When I heard about JSON-LD and  context documents, I thought: "That looks like a good way to represent application profiles in machine readable form in addition to the human readable recommendation." So I started to translate the recommendations to a JSON-LD context file. Besides listing the different properties and defining their short names and values, I also thought it would make sense to define the English and German property labels. This would be quite useful as different uses of one context document would present the same labels to end users. See the first version of the context document at [2]. I asked on twitter whether defining property labels in a context document is ok and Markus responded that this would be invalid, see [3]. He suggested putting the labels into the body of the external context file.

Here is my question: 

How should I define labels of properties in the body of a context document? Just moving the text from context part to body as in [4] is obviously wrong as the properties are then used as properties and not as the things being talked about.

Following from this question I am asking you to do some modifications on paragraph 5.1 "The Context" of the JSON-LD 1.0 spec [5]:

- Please make it clearer what information is valid inside the @context key and what is invalid.
- In the sentence "They also allow terms to be used for index maps and to specify whether array values are to be interpreted as sets or lists." the reference of "They" is unclear. It probably shall refer to "expanded term definitions" which but this isn't clear at all as the sentence before names "values" and "IRIs" which would rather be considered to be referents of "They" in the following sentence.
- Some sentences later it says: "External JSON-LD context documents may contain extra information located outside of the @context key, such as documentation about the terms declared in the document. " It would be really helpful if you provided an example of an external context document that contains extra information outside the @context key. It may be clear to me that [4] is wrong but it is not clear to me how I should do this instead...

All the best

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