framing oddities on json-ld playground


I've hit upon some surprising behaviour again with the json-ld 
playground.  I understand all of that is still in development, but I am 
still curious if the behaviour I'm seeing is correct, or if I've found a 
bug, or if I'm just doing something stupid and my input is wrong :)

Here is my starting point:

In this test document senet:properties is a "@list", I would like to see 
it framed as a regular javascript array, so I add { "@container": 
"@list" } to the context, my full context now looks like this:

   "@context": {
     "owl": "",
     "rdf": "",
     "senet": "",

     "id": "@id",
     "type": "@type",
     "senet:properties": { "@container": "@list" }

This does change the "senet:properties" on "senet:Game" to render as a 
javascript list, but the second object in the @graph suddenly has its id 
changed from "senet:properties" to the full url, 

I wasn't expecting that to happen, is the behaviour correct?  Is there 
something I need to add in the context to have this id stay compact?

-- kuno / warp.

Received on Saturday, 30 June 2012 21:03:56 UTC