Framing @language


I'm experimenting with RDF and JSON-LD, and I have data like this:

   @prefix senet: <> .

   <> a senet:Game;
       senet:title ( "リズム天国"@ja "Rhythm Paradise"@en ).

In the context, I have this:

   "title": { "@id": "senet:title", "@container":  "@list" },

So after framing the title ends up in my json like this:

     "title": [
             "@value": "\u30ea\u30ba\u30e0\u5929\u56fd",
             "@language": "ja"
             "@value": "Rhythm Paradise",
             "@language": "en"

I would like pass my json into a mustache template without any further 
processing.  The problem is that mustache doesn't like the @.* keys.

Is there a way with framing to change the "@value" and "@language" keys 
to just "value" and "language" or something like that?

Similarly, in the template I cannot access the "@id" of my document, is 
there a way with framing to either use a different key (e.g. "id" 
instead of "@id") or add a copy of it ("id" in addition to "@id") ?

-- kuno / warp.

Received on Monday, 25 June 2012 01:51:34 UTC