Re: Introductory videos to Linked Data and JSON-LD

Great videos Manu; just what developers need to come up to speed on linked data, without scaring them away!


On Jun 18, 2012, at 9:16 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I spent some time this weekend trying to figure out a new way to shoot
> video's that explain some of the work that we're doing here. In the
> past, a 6 minute video would take around 28 hours to produce (from idea
> to final cut). This time around, the focus was placed on churning out
> content faster than what has been possible in the past... with the time
> reduced to 5 hours from (idea to final cut).
> Here are the results of this weekend's drawing/shooting attempt:
> What is Linked Data?
> What is JSON-LD?
> The first video is already live, feel free to
> re-tweet/G+/Facebook/LinkedIn it all over the place. Please do not post
> the second video on any social network until after 2pm, EST on June 19th
> 2012.
> Feedback on things that are right and wrong about the videos would be
> appreciated at this time. It's a learning process, so making sure that
> we're sending the right message is vital. What's muddled? Is the video
> too long? Too short? What should be removed? What is assumed that
> shouldn't be? etc.
> -- manu
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