RE: JSON-LD and Drupal

This is great news! JSON-LD our primary supported web services data format!

Markus Lanthaler

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> Hi,
> You may find this interesting:
> "Our recommendation at this time is to make JSON-LD our primary
> supported web services data format. It is quite flexible, and supports
> the self-discovery capabilities that we want to support. What it
> appears to lack is the set of tools and standards provided by the Atom
> and AtomPub specifications, which provide everything we want except
> for an actual data payload format. For use cases where the
> capabilities of Atom (such as Pubsubhubbub support) are necessary,
> wrapping JSON-LD strings in an Atom wrapper is ugly but technically
> possible. Alternatively, the JCR/PHPCR XML serialization format can
> serve as a forward-looking XML-based serialization when Atom
> functionality and true hypermedia are required."
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