Re: RDF WG agrees to publish JSON-LD

Yes, if it wasn't clear, I also fully agree to the patent-free assertion.


On Jun 7, 2012, at 3:07 PM, Niklas Lindström wrote:

> Yes, this was definitely great news!
> For the record, I fully agree to the patent-free assertion, with no
> reservations whatsoever! :)
> Best regards,
> Niklas
> On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 11:53 PM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Some great news from yesterday, if you didn't see it on Twitter. The RDF
>> Working Group approved to publish both the JSON-LD Syntax and the
>> JSON-LD API as First Public Working Drafts through the W3C:
>> The intention is to take these documents all the way to REC (which is
>> basically W3C-speak for "world standard"). So, great news.
>> We have a number of things we're going to have to do in the next two
>> weeks to ensure that the transition will happen smoothly. The editors
>> will take care of most of it, but if you've taken part in the discussion
>> about JSON-LD, you will need to do one final thing. So, keep reading if
>> you've made a comment on the mailing list that may have resulted in a
>> spec change.
>> We need to do the following things in the next two weeks:
>> 1. Apply all changes that members of the RDF WG requested (within
>>   reason) to the Syntax and API specs. Gregg and I will take care of
>>   this.
>> 2. Change the copyright on the documents to the W3C Permissive
>>   copyright.
>> 3. Finalize the documents and assert that no algorithms covered
>>   by known patents went into the document (everyone in the group
>>   that has said anything on the mailing list should do this).
>> So, if you've said anything on the mailing list - please be ready to do
>> #3. To be clear, the more people that contributed to the discussion that
>> agree to the patent-free assertion, the better off we are. All the
>> editors of the spec will make the assertion, which is all we really
>> need... but it never hurts to have folks like Josh Mandel also make the
>> patent-free assertion (he has been active in raising issues and
>> discussing them in the issue tracker).
>> Good news overall - and we should be on to the next phase of getting
>> JSON-LD standardized within the next two weeks. Great work to everyone
>> that has participated in the discussion and looking forward to more
>> insightful comments from the community on the specs as we take them to REC!
>> -- manu
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