Updates to all ISSUEs

Hi all,

I have updated almost every open issue with a proposal on how we could
address the issue and close it. The goal over the next few weeks is to
see if we have consensus on the proposals in the issue tracker or raise
counter-proposals so that we may analyze each approach.

I'm going to send the agenda out shortly. We will only pick issues that
have pending proposals for resolution. If you have an issue that you
opened, and it is still opened, please check the issue in the issue
tracker and see if you agree with the proposal. If you do not agree with
the proposal, please bring it up on the mailing list. If you do send a
mail to the mailing list, make sure it is a separate e-mail for each
issue that you'd like to discuss with the ISSUE number and summary in
the subject line.


-- manu

Manu Sporny (skype: msporny, twitter: manusporny)
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
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Received on Monday, 6 February 2012 04:53:57 UTC