Agenda: Linked JSON Telecon - Tuesday, April 17th 2012

Hi all,

Our Agenda for this week is below. Tuesday is another super-session, we
will go through as many issues as we can.

Information on how to join the call and previous minutes and audio logs
can be found here:

The preliminary agenda is below. Please respond to this e-mail if you
want to add something to the Agenda or if you have any questions.

Tuesday, April 17th 2012
Time: 1400 UTC, 7am San Francisco, 10am Boston, 3pm London
Digital Bazaar Telecon Bridge
    Phone US: +1.540.961.4469 x6303
Duration: 60 minutes
Scribes: Niklas, Gregg, Markus, Manu


1. ISSUE-90: API calls need base IRI
2. ISSUE-96: Should framing results be object or array
3. ISSUE-97: Frame expansion
4. ISSUE-100: Should the JSON-LD API have a "mode": "strict" flag?
5. ISSUE-102: Can JSON-LD keywords be re-defined in the @context?
6. ISSUE-104: Is there an initial context in JSON-LD?
7. ISSUE-103: Re-introduce @datatype as @valuetype
9. ISSUE-92: Limit JSON-LD properties to one @list per property
10. ISSUE-91: Re-definition of keywords
11. Discussion about @graph and how it works

-- manu

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