Clarification on blank node idioms

After not having looked at the spec for months, I'm in the process of
manually converting a bit of Turtle into JSON-LD. I stumbled at this

 foaf:maker [ foaf:nick "danja" ] .

Text-searching the spec ("blank nodes") I found:

...which didn't seem to help at all. How would the above be expressed
using the "_:blank" style?

Anyhow I looked at the examples in the Playground, the Place one gave
me the shape I was after (from geo -> latitude etc) :

 "@context": {
  "maker": "",
  "nick": ""
 "@id": "",
 "maker": {
               "nick": "danja"

I assume this idiom is explained elsewhere (but couldn't see it on a
skim). Whatever, I'd suggest referring to it and/or providing an
example somewhere near the unlabeled nodes section for the benefit of
folks approaching the doc with Turtle-tinted spectacles.

One thing I'm still uncertain about is that although the JSON-LD above
produced the triples I was after, the context part doesn't distinguish
what kind of a node the object of maker/subject of nick was. This
appears to be possible using the context:

 "@context": {
  "maker": {
        "@id": "",
        "@type": "@id"

- but doesn't make any difference to the resulting triples.

I checked with the Person example which includes:

    "homepage": {
      "@id": "",
      "@type": "@id"

and it produces the same triples with simply:

"homepage": ""

Leading to the question: why would/should anyone bother putting node
type info into the context?


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Received on Monday, 2 April 2012 08:46:58 UTC