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On 11/22/2011 06:48 PM, Josh Mandel wrote:
> I've asked something like this before on IRC, but I'm having trouble
> designing a frame to do what I want.  Here's an example where I have
> defined a four  objects of type LeftNode and RightNode.  Each node
> "canSee" two other nodes.  I'd like my framed output to represent each
> Node as its own object (in an array), and to represent its links to
> other nodes as a list of IRIs under the "canSee" predicate.  But all I
> can accomplish is either:
>   * nested outputs (Nodes nested under Nodes)
>   * canSee lists that are sometimes lists, but sometimes now (as in the
> link below)
> Am I trying to do something outside the capabilities of the current
> Framing API? It's hard for me to rigorously evaluate exactly what's
> possible and what isn't, without just mucking around.
> Example at:
> Thanks for your help!
>   -Josh

Dave Longley
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