Example of slow framing (well, normalization!)

I mentioned to Dave on IRC that I was seeing some not-huge graphs that
are very slow to frame.  He pointed out that this is likely because
they're slow to normalize, and the current framing algorithm
pre-normalizes.  I don't know if this a common use case, but for me
framing is important, but normalization is less so.  I promised to
send a complete example of this kind of graph, so here goes:


Here's a JSON document representing ~1800-triples that takes 7 seconds
to normalize.  Lots of blank nodes :-)

   $ node smart-test.js
   8 Nov 19:15:51 - Normalization time: 7021
   8 Nov 19:15:51 - Framing time: 7189
   8 Nov 19:15:51 - 1876 Triples time: 6585

Incidentally, the sample data come from an RDF ontology I'm building
for medical data (lab results in this case).  All the data in this
example are synthetic and/or anonymized.  (More info at


Received on Wednesday, 9 November 2011 08:30:21 UTC