Re: Forms and principles of the JSOD-LD context

Hi Markus,

2011/11/6 Markus Lanthaler <>:
>>     "@context": {
>>       "title": "",
>>       "description": "",
>>       "identifier": {"":
>> "xsd:string"},
>>       "publisher": {"": "@iri"},
>>       "created": {"": "xsd:dateTime"},
>>       "authorList": {"":
>> ["@list", "@iri"]}
>>     }
>> I find this quite appealing.
> At a first sight it looks indeed appealing but in the end I think it's
> rather confusing - especially for newbies. A bit more verbosity won't hurt.

Is it really that confusing? We'll have to try this out with some
people to see how their developer intuitions read it. I would really
prefer this form to something more verbose if it isn't prone to
misinterpretation. (Though in any case I prefer a combined form to the
current with a separate "@coerce" section.)

> What is the definition of authorList supposed to mean? Is it a list where
> the items are IRIs? Wouldn't it be
>  "authorList": {"": { "@list":
> "@iri" } }

Yes, it's supposed to mean an RDF list of IRIs given as s JSON list of
strings. I would also prefer that notation (I actually outlined it in
a comment in [1], but I never raised the issue). So count in a +1 from
me for that. As it is currently stands though, I believe the vote is
for a list of tokens. It's what's been said in the last couple of
telecons at least. (And I can accept that form given proper
documentation on how a list value for coercion indicates "flags" for
value coercion.)

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