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> Well, I was really attempting to do that. The term "RDF" doesn't appear anywhere in the document, and I was really trying to stick with (what I believe to be) a standard definition of "Linked Data" from Wikipedia and If we have a basic disagreement about what the term "Linked Data" means, then we can hardly agree what "Linked Data in JSON" should be.

Wikipedia doesn't describe what Linked Data is. It attempts to describe 
TimBL's meme [1].

Linked Data != Best Practice. TimBL's meme was about leveraging AWWW for 
Web Scale Linked Data, a best practice.

Using hyperlinks as mechanism for "whole data representation" via 
EAV/SPO graphs is what Linked Data is about.

I know from your background @ NeXT (and your data representation 
transformation demos) that to you are very familiar with the concept of 
Linked Data structures pre. ubiquitous WWW. Thus, think more in terms of 
what your already know about Linked Data structures and the fact that 
today we can now craft them using EAV/SPO patterns that leverage power 
inherent in the URI abstraction.

JSON-LD could be a spec for using JSON as simple mechanism for "whole 
data representation" via Linked Data graphs.

A Linked Data definition will always be confusing if it doesn't find a 
way to clearly articulate the importance of the following:

1. Data Object Names
2. Data Object Representation
3. Data Object Representation via EAV/SPO triples (3-tuples)
4. Data Object Representation Address
5. Data Object Names resolving to Referent Representation via 
Representation Address.

This just boils down to de-reference (indirection) and address-of 
operations via hyperlinks with regards to graphs that deliver "whole 
data representation".

If all fails, just lookup:, then ask 
the obvious question: what's wrong with what that resolves to re. Linked 
Data? As far as I know, it's simply lacking re. items 1-5 i.e., property 
names are literals and so are their values. The object in question is 
also devoid of introspection since it doesn't have a resolvable name.

JSON-LD can only be a really lightweight spec if it seeks to serve a 
genuine need. Otherwise, I ask the question one more time: what's wrong 
with RDF/JSON from Talis?


1. -- Linked Data meme .



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