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Presentation Proposal

From: Miguel Aragón <miguel.aragon@base22.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 06:00:20 +0000
To: "public-ldp@w3.org" <public-ldp@w3.org>
CC: Cody Burleson <cody.burleson@base22.com>, Luke Cressman <luke.cressman@base22.com>, Nestor Estrada <nestor.estrada@base22.com>
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Carbon LDP: Enterprise Web Applications’ Linked Data Backend

Using Carbon LDP, a web developer can create an enterprise-class web application that natively uses Linked Data, without having deep knowledge about it. Furthermore, Carbon LDP takes care of most of the server side concerns like Security (user management, roles, permissions, access control lists) and data persistence (transactions, connections and datastores management), helping the developer focus more on the business logic. Carbon LDP is an ambitious effort of bringing Linked Data to enterprise applications.

Miguel Aragón
Carbon LDP’s Lead Developer


Mobile: +521 (811) 798 9357
Skype: miguel.araco
Email: miguel.aragon@base22.com

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