Minimal paging in ADMS.SW export of FusionForge - Was: Re: PHP (early) LDP supporting code ?


Thanks for the response, Martynas.

Just for the records, as I needed only minimal paging, I've written the
needed bits directly, and you may see the results at (HTML) / (RDF)

I'm not sure the rest is in any way LDP compliant, but at least we have
paging, and that's already a very good thing for our 900+ projects index

Thanks for the good work, team !

Any comments on the RDF served by FusionForge much welcome.

Best regards,

Olivier Berger <> writes:

> Hi.
> I intend to rewrite a piece of PHP code serving Linked Data in the
> ADMS.SW plugin for FusionForge [0] in order to implement some LDP
> compliant pagination.
> Any suggestion of reusing existing open source PHP library/code to do
> so ?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> [0]

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