LD Patch review

Really glad to see we are progressing on patch.

Here are some comments on: http://www.w3.org/TR/2014/WD-ldpatch-20140918/

I have split my comments into 2 major categories: first the more
substantial comments and second of the typo variety.  I plan to walk
through a few of my data model in a bit more detail.  Any working
software that you have that I could experiment with would be helpful
as well (my searches couldn't turn it up).

I would have liked to have this as Section 2.  It had been long enough
ago that I had forgotten these details.  Since section 5 is nice and
short, I believe it would help the reader with any questions such as
"what happens when one thing fails".

The example feels incomplete.  It also doesn't match the previous example.

I would have expected this to walk through the path expression
algorithm step by step, starting with showing the path expression (as
you have) and then point out where in the graph it is with each step
(perhaps even with a diagram highlighting the current node).  This
would  be helpful with each expression type.

Find definition fairly vague.  For example 9, if updating the 2nd
entry in the array why not use the slice range of 1..1?  Would I get a
different result?  Isn't example 11 the same as example 9, if used
start-index of 1 instead? For example 11, it would be better to have a
more useful example the aligns with the sample data you are using
(list of only 2 items).

I'm not sure what this means "To insert new values between two
members, one can set a non empty list to the empty slice comprised
between those two members."  Empty slice?
I wouldn't know if I successfully implemented "insert".

Simple grammer and typo problems:


Seems like there should be a normative reference to namespaces (either
RDF concepts and/or XML).

s/borrows much of its syntax to/borrows much of its syntax from/

s/As a consequence, whenever a blank node identifiers/As a
consequence, whenever blank node identifiers/


Linked Data or linked data, seem to go back and forward between the two.

"subsequent Bound statements" I believe this should be "subsequent
Bind statements"


Received on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 20:46:34 UTC