Re: LDP agenda for 8 September 2014

> recommendation, since it contradicts a resolution taken on April:

Sergio, what's the nature of the conflict you see?
When I re-read the resolution, I think the spec implements it.
Or are you saying that there's a conflict baked into that resolution?

> Sec. and Sec. 4.2.6. (sic, not 4.2.6, for anyone else checking references) governs 
"request failed because [describedby: link to constraints] were violated". governs "server created a LDP-NR as requested [201] *and* btw it 
also created an associated LDP-RS [describedby: link to LDP-RS]"

Since a single request cannot both succeed and fail, even if someone were 
to convince me that at most one describedby link is allowed on any 
resource (which would be an uphill climb), I'm not seeing a conflict here.

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