Re: future work item: real solution to issue-15 (metadata on non-RDF resources)

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On 25/02/14 18:34, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> [This is not Last-Call critical.   Just flagging an item for future
> work, when I'm thinking about it.]
> We closed ISSUE-15 (sharing binary resources and metadata) by saying
> that the server MAY provide metadata via rel=describeby.  (Typo -- the
> spec says describedBy.)

And I think it may introduce a conflict with sec. where same 
construction is used to link implementation constraints.

Personally we were happier with the old resolution of ISSUE-15: using 
rel="meta" for describing the relationship of a LDP-NR to a LDP-RR with 
some metadata about.

Some discussion may be required to find a proper solution.

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