Re: Getting to closure on the remaining issues - issue-92

* Henry Story <> [2014-01-24 18:38+0100]
> On 24 Jan 2014, at 18:14, Alexandre Bertails <> wrote:
> >>>>> 
> >>>>> In plain English: ldp:Container happens to be a class that can be used
> >>>>> to denote the Container interaction model when used with
> >>>>> rel=profile. What's wrong in that sentence?
> >>>> 
> >>>> What does it denote when it is not used with rel=profile?
> >>> 
> >>> Then the behavior is not defined. It's ok because we're only
> >>> interested in defining what it means when we use it with rel=profile,
> >>> or when you use it as a class.
> >> 
> >> A URI refers to one thing. This is not a question of behaviour. That
> >> is how URIs are defined.
> >> 
> >> [[
> >>    A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) provides a simple and extensible
> >>    means for identifying a resource.
> >> ]]
> > 
> > I gave you the one declarative and universal meaning for
> > ldp:Container: it denotes the LDPC interaction model when used with
> > rel=profile, you're on your own for other rels.
> > 
> > Does this introduce any contradiction with anything else?
> yes, there is no such thing as "denoting something when used with ..."
> Have you got a definition of that somewhere?
> Some further supporting evidence from RDF Semantics:
> [[
> This document does not take any position on the way that URI references may be composed from other expressions, e.g. from relative URIs or QNames; the semantics simply assumes that such lexical issues have been resolved in some way that is globally coherent, so that a single URI reference can be taken to have the same meaning wherever it occurs.
> ]]
> So imagine you have some other relation that is like profile but narrower, say an ldp:profile
> then ldp:Container would have to still refer to the same thing in the relation below:
>   <> ldp:profile ldp:Container .
> which if we translate it using your grue like definition would come to
>   <> is related by the ldp:profile relation to the thing denoting the ldp interaction if related by rel=profile, 
>      but you're out of luck for other rels.
> so here it would be 
>   <> related by ldp:profile to we know not what.
> What if someone then wants to write a vocabulary that describes interaction models?
> Say they want to say of an interaction model that it supports POST and that this creates
> new resources in some way,.... 
>   ldp:Container interaction:methodSupported "GET", "PUT", "POST", "PATCH" .
> following the above reasoning we have no idea what ldp:Container is referring to above.
> Clearly this would go against all the semantic web reasoning layers that have been agreed
> to in various groups at the W3C. 
>   I am surprised you even think of presenting this as an argument!
> You have just helped me  thump another stake in the heart 
> of this rel=profile time consuming vampire .

And I am surprised that you think it's reasonable to use the same identifier for a graph representing an LDP container AND the protocol for interacting with it.

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