Re: ISSUE-100: Should ld-patch use a slash like sparql does, instead of as it currently does?

On 18 Aug 2014, at 22:38, Alexandre Bertails <> wrote:

>> Do you have a concrete example of where there are differences?
> Bind ?foo ?x / :p1 / :p2 [ / :p3 / :p4 = "bar" ] / :p5 .
> This will be denoted in SPARQL by the following:
> ?x :p1/:p2 ?y .
> ?y :p3/:p4 "bar" .
> ?y :p5 ?foo .

I saw Alexandre come up with a lot of path expressions 
for a set of queries given to him by Sandro. Did anyone
then try to find an equivalent for each of these using
a small subset of SPARQL PATCH? With perhaps space for
comments on the types of issues discovered doing this?

I think that would be very helpful in getting an understanding
of the relative merits of the two solutions spaces.


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