Re: Proposal: change following to informative - 5.2.2 thread

As the change of subject suggests, I'm going to fork detailed discussions 
down to 1 rule per thread so it's easier to see when each one terminates 
(hopefully in consensus).

> 5.2.2 - http 
> -1 : I don't see how HTTP says anything about LDPC membership... 
> Plus, as I read it, this point states that LDP clients MUST assume 
> that multiple membership is possible. This should stay normative.

I wonder if you have a different concept of membership in mind, 

If by membership we agree that we mean the contents of the membership 
triples, and we remember that membership triples can be changed via PATCH 
(recommended) or PUT (allowed but discouraged somewhat IIRC) on the LDPC 
(as well as by operations on the member resources in the Inverse case), 
this reduces back to "any Web resource (including LDPCs A and B) *can* 
link TO a resource R, and the link-ers may have no knowledge of one 

Arbitrary incoming links is true (of web resources generally), so it was 
(and still is, to me) unclear what LDP is adding to that.

HTTP is probably the wrong reference for however, there you have a point. 
That's probably something else like WebArch.

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