Re: ACTION-43 Draft use case for ordering

On 25 Mar 2013, at 22:54, "Wilde, Erik" <> wrote:
> we cannot rely on client-side ordering,
> because ordering is not necessarily based on anything *in* the response. a
> service could very well support ordering based on information that is not
> exposed in the response.

That's true, but maybe not that critical, given that it's always easy for the server to add one more property to the container members to expose the value used for ordering.

> but the interesting question still remains: how
> do we expose these capabilities, so that clients can actually send a
> request that will result in the response as shown by richard?

There's two issues: how do clients request a particular sort order. And how do servers expose the sort order in a response. The current LDP spec doesn't address the first question. That's ok with me. It's a version one. It ought to answer the second question if we support paging, for the reasons Steve stated in the initial mail of this thread.


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> dret.

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