why ISSUE-45 won't really work ( POSTing to an LDPR appends content to the resource )

I think I found a reason why POSTing to an LDPR as an APPEND is not as useful as one
might have thought. (I know the issue is closed but until now I thought it was one 
of those issues that could be re-opened)

An advantage of POSTing a graph to an LDPR as an append operation would have been
that it could take care of SPARQL UPDATE's INSERT DATA method easily, and could have
removed the need for it. There are good reasons one could have for only allowing
addition of triples, never removing triples. 

But then one has the problem of how one would append triples to an LDPC. One still
seems to need PATCH for that.

Or are there very good reasons for why one should really never append triples to an


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Received on Tuesday, 2 July 2013 18:41:10 UTC