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On 1/25/13 10:15 AM, Wilde, Erik wrote:
>> >Of course, one could argue that, according to the Follow Your Nose
>> >heuristics in linked data, every RDF-link is an incentive to GET the URI
>> >it links to, hence a hyperlink... In fact, from this point of view, any
>> >URI identified as such is a hyperllnk... This over-generalization does
>> >not seem very useful, though.
> no it's not very useful, because that would only cover GET requests, and
> would not guide clients through an application flow.
Of course its useful. Linked Data isn't read-only.

A hyperlink identifies the resource that describes its referent.

A hyperlink (type: HTTP URI) has a duality that's intrinsic to Web 
Architecture and accentuated via TimBL's meme re. Linked Data:

1. denotes an entity -- Naming
2. identifies an entity descriptor (or data object) resource -- 
Addressing .

A Linked Data oriented HTTP URI denotes an Entity while also Identifying 
its Descriptor.

Elsewhere in the world of data access by reference, you can have:

1. ODBC Data Source Name -- Name .
2. ODBC ConnectString -- Address .

An ODBC client can use either route to access data, subject to degree of 
abstraction it seeks to exploit. The same applies to JDBC. In short, 
these rules of data access oriented abstraction predate the Web, REST etc..

The Web simply (and deftly) uses HTTP URIs to unleash the power of data 
access by reference, beyond the confines of a specific operating system, 
database, application, or service.



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