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> Erik,
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>     hello kingsley.
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>     >On 1/24/13 11:40 AM, Wilde, Erik wrote:
>     >> i am certainly using "link" in the REST sense: references that
>     clients
>     >>are expected to follow in their application flow, and where the
>     behavior
>     >>is defined by the protocol (the media type). if that may cause
>     >>confusion, what about hyperlink, following the recent trend that
>     one of
>     >>the essences of REST is that it's hypermedia?
>     >Is a Content-type (or media type) a protocol? Isn't that metadata for
>     >the resource denoted by the link? Basically, the description of
>     the data
>     >de-referenced by the link.
>     any content type that uses links (i.e., goes beyond simple
>     image/gif kind
>     of standalone data formats) essentially is a protocol: it defines
>     rules
>     how interactions between clients and servers are possible, and
>     what they
>     mean.
> reading your answer above, as well as your answer to Andy's previous 
> question in this thread,
> I think it would indeed be useful in this group to distinguish between 
> *links* (or RDF-links) that merely represent a relationship between 
> two entities, and *hyperlinks* (or REST-links) that describe potential 
> interactions.
> Of course, one could argue that, according to the Follow Your Nose 
> heuristics in linked data, every RDF-link is an incentive to GET the 
> URI it links to, hence a hyperlink... In fact, from this point of 
> view, any URI identified as such is a hyperllnk... This 
> over-generalization does not seem very useful, though.

It is useful, actually very useful.

Linked Data is about the use of hyperlinks (HTTP URIs) to denote 
entities and their relations.

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