Re: Issue-37: Ontological Modelling

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> On 2013-01-22 12:58 , "Henry Story" <> wrote:
>> The argument I put forward is written up in the Lemma:
>> LDPC and LDPAs/LDPRs are different because of the semantics of
>> how you interact with them.
> my question was why there would have to be any difference. your
> explanation is that things need to be different because they behave
> differently. i am saying i'd like them to be the same and there's no need
> to have any differences in behavior and whenever there's a choice in
> models, choose the simpler one. so why do you think they *have* to behave
> differently? i am looking for an explanation, not a statement.

Because if you POST a graph you are creating a resource. There is no
way to then have that same action be one to edit the content of the 
collection. You can use another method for that.

Have you tried implementing it? It's obvious when you do.
Think of the explanation in the Lemma as a result of implementation 

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