Issue-37: Ontological Modelling

I added to the wiki for Issue-37 an section which tries to give the 
first steps towards modelling LDP using ontologies.

RDF is a development of logic, and logic was designed by Frege
according to Robert B. Brandom ( Making it Explicit ) to make
presuppositions we have explicit. By making it easy to trace
the consequences of a statement one can reason about them 
much more carefully.

Perhaps this can be then used to build the ldp ontology
which needs to be published in the LDP namespace.

Currently it seems that we can start distinguishing resources
described by LDP by what types of HTTP operations they allow -
which is not surprising since we are building a protocol. Since
HTTP operations directed at one type of resource don't have
the same meaning as when directed at another type or resource
eg HTTP POST of a Graph on an LDPC and on an LDPR, this does
seem to be useable to show that these are not overlapping 


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Received on Monday, 21 January 2013 16:54:40 UTC