Re: Aggregation: simple proposal

> Hi John, 
> I was just about to say something about the need to agree on a set 
> of terms we use consistently so I can only commend for you for 
> making such a proposal! :-) 
> Now, given that: 
> 1) the current draft uses the term container 
> 2) per resolution of issue-25 at our F2F1 the spec is to be revised 
> to clarify that containers are about composition 
> We really only need a term for the new type of container. So, I suggest: 

> 1) we use the term container when we mean to talk about composition,
> strong composition, etc. 
> 2) we use the term aggregation when we want to talk about aggregation. 
> 3) we stop referring to all other terms and variations involving 
> weak and strong 
> 4) if needed, we use the term collection as a higher level term to 
> refer to both types: containers and aggregations 
> I see no problem with ending up with a spec that talks about 
> resources (LDPR), containers (LDPC), and aggregations (LDPA). 


Bart van Leeuwen

Received on Thursday, 17 January 2013 19:16:55 UTC