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Ok, I spend a bit of time clarifying the Aggregation Simple Proposal wiki

It even works with my current LDP server.

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> Nandana , until Henry announces that the wiki page reflects his current thinking accurately here on the list, it's perhaps premature to start refining it via Q&A.  
> I did finish standing up basic pages that incorporate all the email threads I was aware of yesterday, *but* the relevant owners were only made aware that the pages are ready for them to sand and polish within the last 24 hours or so.  In both cases, I hooked everything up and asked the authors to have a first look before "announcing" their existence to the group.  E.g. on both pages there are pieces of content where I was unsure of their intent so they were left open with the proposal owner's name to flag the need for attention.
> In Roger's case, it's unlikely he'll be able to do even a first pass until Thursday.
> I'm not even going to attempt to populate the comparison section until we have the proposal pages themselves refined to the point where their owners feel they are open for business.  I'm also planning to pick up the spec example and see if that has any bearing, since one of the discussions around the existing proposals included a remark that the spec example was unclear on some points.  I think that original example probably assumed an aggregation model (given the authors), so it might form a de facto third proposal of sorts that I need to evolve.  That's not going to happen today, however.  I'm not sure if I'll even get to the assessment this week.
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