Re: Discussing linguistic annotation on the web at LDK-2021?

Dear all,

as there seems to be interest in having such a meeting and a quick doodle  
poll among the respondents, we will have a brief telco tomorrow (Friday)  
12:00-12:30 CET via

The idea is not to have a classical workshop nor a tutorial, but rather, a  
relatively informal half-day meeting with plenty of space for questions  
and discussions. I would like it to comprise a quick survey over selected  
vocabularies, to discuss use cases and requirements and then to have an  
open discussion on strategic goals and next steps.

The call tomorrow is about coming up with a first description of this  
meeting that we can submit to LDK. Your can find a draft agenda under  
Details of the eventual agenda may be somewhat different and reflect the  
progress we make until next June in the telcos, but use case descriptions  
and the discussion of requirements will feature prominently, so if you  
would like to contribute with a use case description or a position  
statement on any aspect of linguistic annotation on the web, you can  
suggest this in this document, respond to this email -- but also suggest  
this at some later stage during our telcos.

All the best, and apologies for all of this being on such short notice,

Am .12.2020, 13:35 Uhr, schrieb Christian Chiarcos  

> Dear all,
> as a possibility to channel some of our on-going discussions on  
> linguistic annotation in the context of LD4LT and Nexus Linguarum, there  
> would be a possibility to organize a meeting or discussion round at the  
> Language, Data and Knowledge conference (LDK-2021), June 14-16 in  
> Zaragoza, Spain. Formally, that would have to be submitted as a workshop  
> (, but we can  
> let it take the form of a panel, or a general discussion, much alike the  
> Face-to-Face meetings of the OntoLex W3C we had in Leiden 2018 and in  
> Leipzig 2019, but maybe just half-day. So, there would be an agenda, the  
> possibility for doing presentations, and broad possibilities for  
> discussion, but there would be no call for papers.
> Even though it is not clear whether this would be an on-site event,  
> partially virtual or fully virtual, it would be a nice chance to elicit  
> and discuss positions on linguistic annotation, use cases and  
> persectives of the annotation harmonization endeavour. I think we could  
> accommodate very different kinds of contributions, ranging from  
> presentations on latest developments in data models and their  
> applications over background presentations on NIF and Web Annotation, to  
> focused discussions of features and functionalities required from  
> community standards for linguistic annotation on the web. In either way,  
> a chunk of time should be set aside for discussing perspectives and  
> goals. However, in order to have a focused discussion, I would prefer  
> not to do a regular workshop with an open call for papers, but a  
> concerted event.
> If there is interest in any of this by a number of people as either  
> contributors and co-organizers or attendants (virtual or f2f), please  
> get back to me (in private or via the mailing list) in the next two  
> days. I would then coordinate drafting the proposal (due Dec 6th). I  
> personally think there is benefit in the idea. Even in case it might  
> eventually become a fully virtual event, it's significantly different  
> from our telcos by simply having an in-depth, structured discussion of  
> different aspects over several hours, and one that also allows us to  
> elaborate a little bit more on the background of all of this. (Yes, the  
> area is very much plagued by acronyms. Apologies for staying with that  
> practice too often ;)
> As for the agenda, I would expect that we do, say, 90 minutes of  
> background presentations on existing vocabularies (NIF, WA, non-RDF  
> models [ISO, TEI], others?), a 30+ min summary of the current  
> discussion, 45+ min of brief presentations of use cases and/or position  
> statements and/or experiences and then a 45+ minutes general discussion.  
> This could then be a half-day event (4h). Any feedback welcome.
> Thanks a lot,
> Christian

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